We offer a Spanish language program with curriculum that guarantees continuity throughout the years. Interlingua will work around your school calendar and to your specific scheduling needs, as well as offer reduced cost for schools.

Interlingua has an extensive and concise curriculum to support the Spanish learning needs of students. The method is highly effective in developing each student’s ability to understand, speak, read, and write.

We work with classes at all levels (elementary, middle, and high school) to help students engage in the same process used to acquire their first language. Students learn through listening, understanding, repeating, speaking, creating, reading, and writing. Students also gain appreciation for the differences and similarities in countries and culture.

During the school year, we apply our program and divide it into four sections. Each section is developed as a unit, focusing on specific topics, such as: greetings, family members, activities at school, at home, at the park, etc. Each unit entails specific objectives, grammar structure, vocabulary, activities (games), student tests, and written evaluations about the students’ progress for the parents.

This is a new, inexpensive, and a great way to bring Spanish to your school using technology.

Students will have access to our detailed online immersion course to develop the basic structures of the Spanish language. Once a week, the students will have a face-to-face lesson with a teacher to practice grammatical structures and conversation through exercises, games, and activities.

We are very happy to offer schools and parents the option of an after-school Spanish program at a location of your choosing.

Our after-school program makes extensive use of music, activities, and visuals to help give children a foundation for conversation and understanding. Children also begin to appreciate the Spanish culture and the diversity of the Latin American.

Parents can create a group to meet for a one-hour session, once a week. All materials are included.

Groups are 5 to 10 students classified by age-group:

Group 1:   5 – 7 years old;

Group 2:   8 – 10 years old;

Group 3:   10 years and older.

The price is $150 dollars per 12 sessions, per student, payable at the beginning of each session.