Spanish is a language spoken by a large sector of the population in the United States. Learning Spanish is a business necessity because it will enable you to communicate with Spanish speaking employees, co-workers, clients, and other audiences. It will also allow your company to reach new clients.

Spanish ranks as the second most prominent international business language, and the third most used language on the internet. The importance of Spanish in the United States will continue to grow.

This type of instruction allows students to have 100% of the instructor’s attention. Teachers focus on the individual’s goals. Interlingua works around your schedule and customizes the classes to your needs.

Group classes are organized in groups of five to ten students.

Interlingua’s program has 5 levels; each level consists of 40 lessons.

For maximum flexibility, classes can be held at our institute, or a location of your choice (i.e., business, home, or office).

Every language has universal similarities for acquisition and shares common features for communication. Interlingua leverages these key elements to deliver instruction. Interlingua teaches you Spanish by aligning instruction with the way you learned your first language, which builds a bridge between your language and Spanish.

We evaluate, test, and certify qualified Spanish Speakers through:

  • Accurate Assessments
  • Oral ability
  • Grammar
  • Specific field vocabulary
  • Writing and reading

When your business needs to verify or certify a person’s ability to speak and understand Spanish, both colloquially and professionally, we offer testing that ensures that they are up to your required standards.

We offer specific classes with tailored vocabulary to prepare police, firefighters, social workers, and mental health employees for their Spanish certification test.

We offer the same highly effective Spanish program at your finger tips.

Learn Spanish anytime and anywhere at AZINTERLINGUA.NET


Language programs are a key part of responding to the growing and ever-changing demographics in the United States. Since approximately 50 million people speak Spanish in the United States, it is an absolute necessity for city employees to be able to communicate in multiple languages in order to better serve the community.

Interlingua is proud to be one of the few educational institutions approved to do business with the federal government and several cities. Public employees may be able to receive training at Interlingua using tuition reimbursement.

In addition to our 5-level Spanish program, Interlingua has developed other courses and workshops for city employees working in specific departments, such as the police department.

We offer the same highly effective Spanish program at your finger tips.

Learn Spanish anytime and anywhere at

Local immersion 40 $400
Pronunciation and cognates 8 $120
Spanish for child care / Head start 16 $300
Park and recreation 16 $300
Spanish express 12 $220
Public speaking with spanish media 16 $300
Spanish for lawyers and legal terminology 16 $300
Firefighter certification 16 $300
Spanish for customer service 8 $120
Superior debate 12 $220
Spanish for bankers 12 $220
Strengthening spanish instruction 40 $1,500
Police department courses
Police certification 16 $300
DUI 12 $220
Spanish for crisis and negotiation 24 $400
Spanish for sexual assault investigations 24 $400
911 Emergency line 16 $300