Soak up the perfect climate of ‘The City of Eternal Spring,” Cuernavaca, and enjoy a scenic drive to Taxco, the colonial silver mining city, on a full day guided coach tour from Mexico City.


Taxco is known as the ‘Silver City’ and is one of the prettiest towns in Mexico. The city tumbles across a hillside with winding cobblestone streets.


Santa Prisca

This is a Baroque-styled church flanked by twin-bell towers. The interior displays some of Mexico’s most beautiful golden-leafed ornamentation.


Jardín Borda

The Borda gardens are formally laid out on a series of terraces with paths, steps, and fountains. They feature a botanical collection with hundreds of varieties of ornamental plants and fruit trees.

Palacio de Cortés

Construction of this stoned two-story fortress-styled palace was accomplished between 1522 and 1532 and was built on the base of the city pyramid that Cortés destroyed.

Pirámide de Teopanzolco

These are two pyramids, one inside the other. You can climb on the outer base and see the older pyramid within with a double staircase leading up to the remains of a pair of temples. Tlahuicas built the older pyramid over 800 years ago; the outside one was being built by the Aztecs when Cortés arrived, and was never completed. The name Teopanzolco means ‘Place of the Old Temple.’


This small, well-preserved colonial town in the Michoacán highlands is the beating heart of the Purepecha country. In pre-colombian time, this was a center for Indigenous craftspeople from surrounding villages journey here to sell their products.

Lago de Pátzcuaro 

This lake is surrounded by traditional Purepecha villages and sprinkled with a few islands. Isla Janitzio is home to Mexico’s largest celebration during early November’s Día de Muertos.


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