The indigenous country of Guatemala offers attractions that range from Mayan ruins and steaming volcanoes, to lush jungles, calm beaches, and breathtaking settings such as:

Mayan Ruins

Tikal and El Mirador are among the greatest pre-Columbian cities built anywhere in the Americas.

Chichicastenango Market

This market is a colorful, often chaotic affair that brings vendors from around the country who come to sell their hand-made textiles and products to the Quiché Mayan people.


The Pacaya volcano is the most climbed volcano in Guatemala. Rising to an altitude of 8,371 feet, the Pacaya volcano has been continually active since 1965.

Lake Atitlán

Perhaps the most scenic of Guatemalan attractions.


Pacific beaches feature black sand which is a result of the country’s volcanic countryside.


A beautiful and friendly city offering a high-quality Spanish language school.

«La Unión»

«Tucum Uman»

Antigua - Guatemala

June 8 to June 22

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