La Boca

This barrio or neighborhood is located in the southern part of Buenos Aires. We offer a tour through the Vuelta de Rocha’s triangular plaza, starting at  the colorful Caminito (little path), which is a popular pedestrian sidewalk flanked by bright murals and shimmering metal-roofed houses. You will find Argentina’s most popular soccer stadium, home of the Boca Juniors, along with lively cafés, bars, and casual tango institutions.

Casa Rosada

Argentina’s presidential headquarters.


Pirámide de Mayo

(May Pyramid) The obelisk is the country’s oldest monument.


Plaza de Mayo

This is the city’s central plaza is normally crowded with protesters. This allows visitors to witness the country’s political climate.

San Telmo

This is a stylish southern Buenos Aires’ neighborhood where Tango has left its mark.

Puerto Madero

Dazzling city lights illuminate this port that once served as a major destination for European trade.

Iguazú Falls

The Iguazú Falls converge on the borders of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. It is one of the most impressive sites that you will ever see in your travels around the world. Two hundred seventy-five waterfalls cascade through the Argentinean and Brazilian national parks. There, you will see the landmark, Devil’s Throat.


«Casa Che» Spanish School, Buenos Aires.